About Green Living!

Our aim is to build homes that improve with time and last for generations. At Ekta World, we constantly strive to implement new and innovative plans. So, if you are looking for flats in Nashik you will get unique construction in a true green space. All our apartments come with a promise of modernity and style. Keeping up with the fast-paced growth of expectations of the new-age lifestyle.

We are Committed to build homes that come with a promise to meet all your expectations for a better living. Thus, at EKTA we say "don't hope for something big and better, simple expect it"

At EKTA Greenville, we offer extensive green landscapes spaces go a long way to keep your surroundings clean, healthy ans asustainable. Here, all the apartments and villas have been designed to give you a bit of the outdoors inside your home through right ventilation and open spaces.

Our community plan gives EKTA Greenville residents a lifestyle that comes with a plethora of choices allowing you to enjoy entertainment, sports and recreation within the complex.

12 Acres
300+ Happy families
40+ Aminities
Our Apartments
Cheering the green way of living!!!

At EKTA, we offer a variety of environmentally conscious projects that will help you to obtain your personal level of sustainability and contribute to the environment.

Our Villas
Villas. as green as it can get!!!

Nestled peacefully at EKTA Greenville are 60 exquisite villas. Totally secluded, these villas offer a panorama of the lush green landscape of the entire complex.